Literally Just A List of Food I’ve Eaten in Taiwan

Need I say more than the title? I know what you’re really here for.


What: sausage on a stick

Where: any night market or area with street carts (this one’s from Jiufen Old Street)

I’m a big fan of mysterious meat. Put said meat on a stick and I’m sold. Widely available all over Taiwan, these sausages are greasy, fatty and undisputedly delicious. Many street carts offer a variety of seasonings for the meat as well – I always ask for the “辣的” (spicy one). Rating: 8 bobas/10


What: xiao long bao

Where: Wanfang Hospital Station – brown line (I can give detailed directions if needed)

Oh man…shoutout to my girl Sierra for this recommendation. The soup dumplings at this small, homey restaurant are a fraction of the price of Din Tai Fung’s, yet equally delicious (think a filling meal for no more than 5 USD). With make-your-own dipping sauces and the option to order thick scallion pies as a side, this XLB ticks all my boxes. Rating: literally 100 bobas/10


What: taro buns

Where: Wanfang Hospital Station – brown line

SURPRISE! THIS PLACE ALSO HAS STELLAR BUNS. Though they offer both taro and red bean buns, the taro is an obvious winner. A perfectly gooey filling + a soft, warm bun = one happy fatty. Rating: 10 bobas/10


What: pork bun

Where: Jiufen Old Street

I’m sensing a trend here… and it’s carb related. This pork and veggie bun from Jiufen really stole my meat-hungry heart. There are tons of famous pork bun places in Taipei and I’m on a quest to try them all. This one started off the journey pretty strong. Rating: 7 bobas/10


What: mapo tofu

Where: within walking distance of Linkworld Hotel

*this post lacks the actual names of 99% of these places because everything is in Chinese and we all know I am way too incompetent (read: lazy) to write them down*

My mom primed me for this meal with all the mapo tofu she made for me as a child (granted, her sauce was made from a packet from 99 Ranch Market but I am still thankful). HOWEVER, I have never had mapo tofu so spicy. Look at that shi*. It’s glowing red. According to my mother, that’s how the Szechwan people like it, so I can’t complain. Authenticity on point…digestive system, not so much. Rating: 8 bobas/10


What: chow mein and a very mysterious bony meat that is maybe duck

Where: Xincheng, Hualien

Here we have chow mein that puts Panda Express to deep, inescapable shame and an accompanying dish of what I believe is duck. I’m not sure I can ever confirm this. The noodles were delicious enough to warrant eating them twice in one weekend, although I’m not sure I can ever forgive myself for paying for the brown atrocity by its side. Rating: chow mein – 9 bobas/10, mystery meat – 0 bobas/10


What: beef noodle soup

Where: Xihu Station – brown line

I’ve had beef noodle soup a number of times here in Taipei, yet this is the only one I’ve snagged a picture of. Sadly, not only is this picture not the best but neither was the soup. It did the trick but I know there are much better, heartier versions out there. The hunt for the best beef noodle soup in Taipei commences now. Rating: 6 bobas/10


What: peanut shaving cilantro ice cream burrito (yes, really)

Where: Wufengpu shopping district

I’ve been on the hunt for these bad boys ever since I tried one last year, and this one did not disappoint. As the name suggests, this snack/dessert is a combination of peanut shavings, your choice of ice cream and cilantro, all rolled up in a spring roll-esque wrapper. So refreshing and unique. Bonus points for the fun of watching your order being made (if you’re my Snapchat friend, you know what I mean). Rating: 10 bobas/10


What: scallion pancake

Where: Shilin Night Market

Formal apologies for this picture being more of me than it is the food. You win some, you lose some, I guess. This pancake (known in Chinese as 葱油饼, I believe) was made right in front of me and cost just over a dollar. Filled with an egg and some sort of spicy sauce, it was delicious but doesn’t quite trump the one I had at Ximending last year. Rating: 7 bobas/10


What: Mister Donut

Where: all over Taipei and inside some 7-11s

Mister Donut is yet another thing I never stopped thinking about after I tried it for the first time last summer (75% of my life = eating, the other 25% = thinking about eating). Mister Donut is special because its donuts are chewy and mochi-like, unlike anything you can find in the US. They have a variety of different glazes, but matcha is always #1. I would petition to bring Mister Donut to the states, but we already have a bad enough obesity issue as is, so… Rating: 10 bobas/10

That’s all for now, folks. Writing this and browsing through my photos has made me realize that I really need to start saving my Snapchat stories to my phone. I’ve eaten so many more amazing things than this list shows…oops. Thankfully, I have a lot more classic Taiwanese foods that I still want to try, from gua bao to Taiwanese breakfast, so you know I’ll be back with another food post soon.





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