A Little Bit of Hiking and a Lot of Getting Lost

Straight up, this post is just an excuse for me to post some photos because 1) they’re surprisingly decent for once and 2) scenic photos never get any love on social media. It’s your turn to shine, my little JPEGs!

Every time I endure the humidity + exercise combination (aka any time I hike in Taiwan), I become more and more amazed at the blatant aggressiveness of my bodily functions (i.e. sweat glands). Is it normal for sweat to be cascading down my legs like this? Why do my eyes burn as if there’s saltwater in them? Did I really just let my chin sweat drip onto my friend while we were trying to take a selfie?

Yes, that last one really happened.

Last weekend, I hiked Junjian Trail with a few friends, and you guessed it – it was a sticky affair. It was also a strenuous one, as you had to climb a hill before reaching the trailhead, only to be greeted by hundreds of stairs leading you up the mountain to the famous Battleship Rock.

Mind you, this hike was labeled a 1/5 or “easy” or “family friendly” on multiple websites. You’d think I’m 600 pounds or missing some important limb with the way I felt ascending the stairs up that mountain. Either that or the people labeling this FIVE MILE hike as easy are batshit crazy. Your pick.

Anyway, probably because the hiking gods feared my impending, short-breathed wrath, the trail got a lot easier after reaching Battleship Rock. We continued on, following confusing signs in search of a hidden temple, but we must’ve made a wrong turn because our explorations led us right back to the beginning of the trail. In all, we hiked three miles instead of five. Though bummed about narrowly missing the temple, we still got to hike deeper into the mountain and get a closer look at the tropical nature of Taiwan. I may or may not have been secretly happy that we hiked two fewer miles than planned – but don’t tell my friends.

Caught in the act
Battleship Rock
But first…let me take a selfie




Spot the praying mantis

Oh and trust me, a hike like this couldn’t have been completed without some great eats, but I’ll save all of that for Food Post #2…look out for noms coming soon!


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